Prevention is The Best Step for Women’s Health

by Jack Allardice | November 15, 2017 8:08 am

Women in today’s America have access to a large suite of health care services from their primary care physician all the way to specialists like their OB/GYN. However, women are still receiving diagnoses every day for illnesses which are preventable and can be detected early. Too many women are not receiving the proper level of preventative care from their providers. Everything from cervical cancer screenings to mammograms and clinical breast exams, there are many opportunities for physicians to assist their female patients prevent an unfortunate diagnosis later in life. Other tests as comprehensive as Treasure Valley Family Medicine offers[1] are frequently available and should be taken advantage of by every woman.

Another frequently overlooked aspect of medical care are vaccinations. Flu shots, for example, are strongly recommended for pregnant women as pregnant women are far more likely both to contract the flu and suffer severe complications which could lead to hospitalization. Another great aspect of receiving the flu shot during your pregnancy is that the antibodies your body creates when you receive a vaccine will flow to the fetus and the infant will receive some immunity from the vaccine. Infants gain a large amount of their internal bacteria and antibodies from their mother. For more information check out,[2].

While most women will consider a pap smear of typical physical to be sufficient prevention to stay ahead of any negative medical instances, there are additional tests to be aware of and to consider against your medical history and lifestyle. Here is a useful list[3] of other preventative measures, and here is a link[4] to the CDC’s website on Women’s Health. Both are incredible educational resources for you to consider, and can help you understand some of the risks and opportunities for you to speak with your provider and ensure you are getting all of the preventative care that you need.

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